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UCLA Student Details, JRI Summer Research Exchange 2012




UCLA Department


PKU Advisor

PKU Department

Research Title

Tammy Chang Electrical Engineering 4 Anpeng Huang Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Hybrid Scheduling Method for Large VoIP Packet Delivery
Jonathan Chiang Human Genetics 3 Shao-Qing Cai Pharmaceutical Sciences

Isolation of Chemical Constituents of Tufuling

Ian Ferguson Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3 Long Wang Industrial Engineering and Management

Powered Ankle Prosthesis

Matthew Hecht Chemistry/Materials Science 4 Li Yan Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Using DGU to Separate Carbon Nanotubes

Asael Papour Electrical Engineering PhD Qiushi Ren Biomedical Engineering

Optical System for Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) Imaging Device

Regan Patterson Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 3 Mei Zheng Environmental Science

Comparison of Particle Deposition in the Respiratory Tracts of Children and Adults in LA and Beijing using Multiple-Path Particle Dosimetry Model (MPPD)

Jeffrey Schwartz Physics and Astronomy PhD Kai Wu Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Hydrogen-Bonding Networks in Self Assembled Monolayers

Jean Shen Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology 2 Gui-Qiang Wang Infectious Diseases Diminished Expression of FBX4 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Michiko Suwoto Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology 3 You Yong Lu Oncology

Androgen Receptor (AR) Expression in Gastric Cancer Cell Lines

Helen Vuong Neurobiology PhD Ming Liang Pu Biomedical Engineering

Morphological Interactions between Dopamine Amacrine Cells and Intrinsic Photosensitive Ganglion Cells

Steven Weiss Computer Science 3 Tao Wang Electronics Engineering and Computer Science

Wireless Transmission on GNU Radio

Drake Williams Dentistry 4 Shi-Qiang Wang Life Sciences - Biophysics

Acute Angiotensin II treatment delays T-tubule remodeling

Dalia Zhang Physiological Science 3 Zhuan Zhou Molecular Medicine

Stimulate DA Neurons and Record DA Release in Striatum


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Published: Thursday, June 28, 2012