SSP - Faculty List Peking University

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Faculty of Sciences

School of Mathematical Science 数学科学学院

School of Physics 物理学院

College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering 化学与分子工程学院

Institute of Molecular Medicine 分子医学研究所

School of Earth and Space Sciences 地球与空间科学学院

School of Phychological and Cognitive Sciences 心理与认知科学学院

Faculty of Information & Engineering Sciences

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science 信息科学技术学院

Institute of Computer Science and Technology  计算机科学技术研究所

College of Engineering 工学院

College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering 环境科学与工程学院


Faculty of Social Sciences

Institute of Population Research 人口研究所


Faculty of Medicine

School of Basic Medical Sciences 基础医学院

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 药学院

School of Public Health 公共卫生学院

Cancer Hospital 临床肿瘤学院

College of Life Sciences 生命科学学院

Hospital of Stomatology 口腔医学院

The First Hospital 第一医院

The Third Hospital 第三医院