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Mission of SSP


  • Jointly train students as future leaders with global perspective
  • Host exchange faculty and students
  • Facilitate the sharing of teaching materials


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Our Collaboration Board consists of PKU and UCLA leaders. There are two co-directors, one from PKU and one from UCLA, who oversee JRI operations and report to the Collaboration Board. There is a Scientific Advisory Committee who recommends the research and education programs of JRI and reviews their progress. There are also Core JRI faculty members who execute core research programs and visiting JRI faculty, research staff, and students who conduct short-term visits and training through JRI.



  • Jason Cong Co-Director, Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA; Professor
  • Xiaoming Li Co-Director, Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA; Professor


Collaboration Board

The collaboration board from UCLA is

The board from Peking University


Scientific Advisory Committee

The SAC from UCLA is

The SAC from PKU is

  • Xiaoming Li, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
  • Wen Gao, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
  • Ming Jiang, School of Mathematical Science
  • Zuyin Pu, School of Earth and Space Sciences
  • Zhuan Zhou, Institute of Molecular Medicine


Industry Advisory Board

  • Chairman: Professor Huang Wei, Executive Deputy Governor, Xinjiang People's Government
  • Executive Vice-Chairman: Mr. James Ding, Managing Director, AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc
  • Charter Member: Mr. Robin Li Yanhong, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, Inc
  • Charter Member: Mr. Li Zhengmao, Executive Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation
  • Charter Member: Mr. Craig Ehrlich, Chairman and Founder Novare Technologies, Former Chairman GSM Association


Faculty Members

Faculty - Peking University

Faculty - UCLA



  • Jason Cong, Professor, Computer Science Department
  • Xiaoming Li, Professor, Co-Director, Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA; Professor
  • Cecca Yunli Yang, PKU - Program Coordinator, JRI


About Peking University

Brief introduction to Peking University

  • Founded in 1898, the first national comprehensive university in China
  • 5 faculties, 45 schools/departments, 271 institutes/centers
  • Enrollment: 14,662 undergraduates, 16,666 graduates; Faculty & Staff: about 16,000
  • 55 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Received about 1.04 billion RMB in natural, engineering and medical sciences in 2008
  • One of the best Health Science Centers with 8 affiliated hospitals in China
  • On the web at

About UCLA

Brief introduction to UCLA

  • Founded in 1919, the biggest campus in UC system
  • 13 institutes and about 60 departments
  • Enrollment:
    • 25,928 undergraduates,
    • 11,548 graduates;
    • Faculty & Staff: about 28,000;
    • For 2008, UCLA had more freshman applicants (55,409) than any other U.S. university.
  • Highlights of faculty/graduate awards
    • 5 UCLA faculty members and four UCLA graduates are Nobel Laureates;
    • 9 UCLA faculty members have been awarded the National Medal of Science;
    • 9 MacArthur Fellow "Genius Grant" recipients;
    • 3 Pulitzer Prize winners
  • Received more than $880 million in grants and contracts in FY 07 -08;
    • Among top five universities in the nation in expenditures from grants and contracts in science, medicine and engineering
  • One of the top three American hospitals and "the best Hospital in the West"
  • On the web at

News & Photos


Photo for 7th Annual Peking University -...

7th Annual Peking University - UCLA Symposium

85 faculty and students from Peking University and UCLA gathered to exchange research findings and explore new areas for collaboration at the 7th annual JRI symposium at UCLA.

Photo for Former visiting student wins ACM...

Former visiting student wins ACM award

Photo for Jason Cong wins Google 2015...

Jason Cong wins Google 2015 Faculty Research Award

Cong, co-director of the Peking University-UCLA Joint Research Institute, received the award in the systems category, which includes hardware and software.

Photo for Sixth Annual PKU-UCLA JRI Symposium

Sixth Annual PKU-UCLA JRI Symposium

The annual symposium, held alternatively at Peking University and UCLA, attracted over 150 participants and featured many speakers from both universities.

Photo for UCLA Health, Peking University International...

UCLA Health, Peking University International Hospital partnership

A new MOU signifies growing collaboration.

Photo for Two PKU delegations visit UCLA

Two PKU delegations visit UCLA

President Wang, administrators further collaboration and understanding