Robin Li Yanhong

Robin Li Yanhong

Charter Member of IAB, Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA; Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, Inc

Robin Li has served as chairman of the board since January 2000 and as chief executive officer since January 2004. Prior to funding Baidu, Robin Li had accumulated extensive knowledge and practical application experience in search engine technology during his tenures in Dow Jones and Infoseek. Robin designed a real-time information system that has been widely applied on many Wall Street companies' websites, including the online version of the Wall Street Journal. Robin invented and applied ESP technology to the search engine of Inforseek. In 1998, Robin wrote a book titled Silicon Valley Business War which shared his insights on the US technology industry in the 1990's with particular attention to the development and commercialization of Internet search. In the end of 1999, Robin returned to China with a small amount of venture capital and a big dream and co-founded, Inc. with friend and partner Mr. Eric Xu.

Robin Li received a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from The State University of New York at Buffalo and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Management from Peking University.