Welcoming PKU Summer Students to UCLA, August 2012

On Friday, August 31, JRI hosted a welcome lunch for eleven undergraduate students from PKU.

 The students were at UCLA for the summer participating in the Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology (CSST) summer program.  CSST seeks to strengthen international collaboration by inviting highly accomplished students to study and engage in research at UCLA.  The PKU students' studies spanned physics to sociology.

The group was joined by UCLA student Ian McRae who had spent last summer, 2011, at PKU with the JRI Summer Research Exchange.  He took the opportunity to brush up on his Chinese, remember favorite parts of PKU's campus, and recommend things to do in Los Angeles.

Below is a list of this year's CSST participants from PKU.  We hope they enjoyed their time at UCLA and look forward to their return as grad students and researchers!


Student Name

Student Major

UCLA Mentor

UCLA Department

Mr. Zhengqian CHENG Physics Yong CHEN Materials Science
Ms. Yun DAI Sociology Tanya STIVERS Sociology
Mr. Yichen DU Physics Gerard WONG Bioengineering
Mr. Bo GU Basic Medical Science Hua Linda CAI Anesthiology
Ms. Yanjing LI Basic Medical Science Juan Enrique ROZENGURT Medicine
Mr. Zheng LI Physics Xiangfeng DUAN Chemistry
Mr. Shaoyang NING Probability and Statistics Hongquan XU Statistics
Ms. Jiasi SHEN Computer Science Glenn REINMAN Computer Science
Ms. Yang TAO Life Science Xiangdong YANG Psychiatry
Mr. Ke YE Physics Katsushi ARISAKA Physics and Astronomy
Mr. Yuxuan YE Chemistry Neil GARG Chemistry
Mr. Xiang YIN Life Sciences Albert LAI Neurology

For info on CSST program, visit www.csst.ucla.edu