Photo for Sixth Annual PKU-UCLA JRI Symposium

Participants at the 2015 symposium, held at Peking University. (Photo provided by JRI at PKU.)

Sixth Annual PKU-UCLA JRI Symposium

The annual symposium, held alternatively at Peking University and UCLA, attracted over 150 participants and featured many speakers from both universities.

June 26–27, 2015. The Sixth Annual Symposium of the PKU-UCLA Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering was held at Zhongguanyuan Global Village PKU, Beijing, China.

Presenters and guests from UCLA included Michael Jerrett, professor and chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health; Paul Weiss, distinguished professor of chemistry and biochemistry, Ya-Hong Xie, professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Robert Reiter, professor of urology and director, UCLA Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Program; Songwu Lu, professor of computer science; and Chentao Lin, professor, Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Some 15 other faculty members from various departments of UCLA also attended.

PKU participants included Hong Wu, professor and dean, School of Life Sciences; Tong Zhu, professor and dean, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering; Ming Jiang, professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences; Mingliang Pu, professor at the School of Basic Medicine; Faxin Li, professor at the College of Engineering; and Qing Chen, professor at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

JIR Co-Director Xiaoming Li. JRI Co-Director Jason Cong.

The symposium was chaired by Xiaoming Li, co-director of JRI, professor of computer science and technology, and director, Institute of Network Computing and Information Systems (NCIS), PKU; and Jason Cong, co-director of JRI and professor of computer science, UCLA. Cong gave an introduction to the symposium and a recent progress report on JRI. Plenary talks were delivered by Prof. Michael Jerrett, who spoke about long-term ozone exposure and mortality in a large prospective study; Professor Heping Cheng and Dr. Yujie Sun from the Institute of Molecular Medicine at PKU, who spoke on the prospect of a biomedical imaging consortium in China; and Jason Cong, who discussed customized computing for big data applications in the health sciences. 

Professor Michael Jerrett (UCLA) receives a gift
from JRI's Xioaming Li. 

This year’s symposium involved six parallel sessions, namely Big Data; Genomics & Personalized Medicine; Nano-electronics & Systems; Neuroscience, Environmental Science & Health; Image Processing & Applications; and the Industrial Internet. The symposium attracted over 100 attendees, including faculty and students from both universities and representatives from such firms as China Mobile and MSRA, many of whom gave presentations and engaged in discussions on potential opportunities for collaboration.

Participants listen to a presentation at the symposium.

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